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Why LVIE®?

Our range of meticulously curated health supplements are all backed by science; no marketing gimmicks, no overpromised claims. Founded by a pharmacist, we believe in scientifically proven supplements that are of high quality, effective and trusted by healthcare professionals. So that you, our customers, can make more informed choices and have total peace of mind.

Curated by Health Professionals

With a certified pharmacist at the helm, we only distribute dietary supplements that have gone through scientific research and evidence-based studies. In other words, health products that are trusted by healthcare professionals themselves.

Better Health for Better Life

There is much truth in the old adage that “we are what we eat”. Nutritional supplements are no magic pill but it can complement our existing diet to help us achieve better health and a better quality of life. We were once skeptics too, the scientific evidence convinced us.

Partners with GP+ Co-Op

Intermed has partnered with GP + Co-op to provide the Products and Services


Proven by Science

More than just a mere distributor of health supplements, Intermed wants to be your trusted health care advisor. Instead of relying on marketing claims that often overpromise and underdeliver, we choose to trust science.